Is your school PTA, organization, sports team, or youth group looking for an exciting and easy fundraiser?

We have the answer: Horizon Riverfront Rink will give your organization 40% of the total admission collected on your reserved date. A quick and minimal effort fundraising at no cost to your organization and a fundraiser made simple for your profit. You bring the people, we bring the fun! Don’t forget to promote your event, send invites, advertise through social media, make posters, and distribute flyers.
MORE SKATERS = MORE PROFIT for your organization!
(30 Admissions x $8.00 = $240.00 x 40% = $96.00 payable to your organization) That’s only the profit return of 30 skaters…imagine if you had more! It’s that simple and an event for your group, family and friends to come out, have fun, and enjoy an evening of skating. Call today to reserve your date!

Get Started!

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    Please note: Reservations are based on availability. The ice rink will be open as well to the public. (Your organization will generate the profit too!) Reservations can be made Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday during regular hours, and Sunday after 6pm. Minimum of 30 Admissions must be sold to receive funds. (Funds are distributed based on admission sales only) Reservations will not be accepted 12/22/2018 through 01/02/2019, No Holidays and or the night before a Holiday, No Exceptions. 302-425-4890 (reservations) 302-650-2336 (skate admissions)